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About Ph.D in ELT


             The Doctoral Program in English Language Teaching offered by the Language Institute of Thammasat University has the main goal of developing language and research skills among students who are or will be English teachers, both at the school level and the university level. The program involves the instruction and discussions of advanced theoretical concepts and principles in the teaching of English, which form a basis of sophisticated research in related subfields. Students are required to conduct independent research and scholarly inquiry in order to produce an original dissertation that adds to existing knowledge, undertakes a useful discovery regarding a related subfield, and introduces substantial practical applications of the theories.

The main objectives of this doctoral program are

             1. to ensure students? ability to apply their advanced knowledge and understanding to the further development of concepts and practice in the fields related to ELT

             2. to equip students with knowledge about the latest developments in ELT including emerging issues and research techniques

             3. to enable students to design and conduct major research projects for the development of new knowledge or substantial improvements in professional practice.

             4. to enable students to deal consistently and sensitively with ethical issues in academic and professional contexts

             5. to promote autonomy and initiative in scholarly activities and facilitate constructive interaction in group activities

             6. to ensure that students can communicate effectively through presentations and publications of their advanced research projects

             Graduates from this program should be able to demonstrate thorough understanding of a substantial body of advanced knowledge and research in the teaching of English as an international language. They should also be aware of emerging issues concerning English education and the potential challenges of those issues. They should be capable of synthesis of theory and research in ELT and the creation of knowledge through original academic research.