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Doctor of Philosophy Program in English Language Teaching

Ph.D in ELT

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The Language Institute of Thammasat University offers its first Ph.D Program starting from the academic year 2012. The program marks another enormous step to be taken by the Institute towards academic enhancement and research dissemination. As it is an international program in which English is used as the medium of instruction and communication, students from all over the world are welcome to join it.

With both full-time and part-time faculty members, the program enrolls about 10 Ph.D. students each year. It provides course work and research opportunities across the entire range of English as a Second/Foreign Language, Education and Applied Linguistics. Apart from promoting academic and professional development among teachers of the English language, the program also aims to encourage more profound investigations into the existing areas of disciplinary specialization and interdisciplinary integration. Productive innovations will also be articulated through various research projects to be accomplished by the Ph.D students.

English language teachers who are interested in pursuing their advanced career professions both at the school and university levels will benefit from this program. As globalization and the impending emergence of the ASEAN Economic Community has led to a tremendous explosion of English-related work around the world, a growing need for proficient English teachers and users has made the study of English as an international language become more important than ever. Graduates from the Ph.D Program in English Language Teaching will contribute significantly to the expansion of social and economic communities in which English is the pre-requisite for success and reputation.

Associate Professor Supong Tangkiengsirisin, Ph.D.